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Non-GMO Feeds

Our Non-GMO line of feeds are mixed right here in our own feed mill.


We use corn grown locally in Webster Township along with Nutribalancers from Fertrell.


“At Fertrell, we prefer the time when raising animals was an earth friendly endeavor, free from chemicals and antibiotics. Of course, the changing times have brought us better science and with this science, we've created natural products that still fulfill your modern needs.”



Product Lines

Poultry                                                  (available in 50 lb bags)

Non-GMO 17% Layer

Non-GMO 19% Chicken Starter

Non-GMO Scratch

Bulk Batches 

Non-GMO Poultry

Non-GMO Dairy Cow

Non-GMO Dairy Goat

Non-GMO 14% Hog

Non-GMO 16% Hog

Non-GMO Sheep

Non-GMO Beef Finisher or Starter


Batches are available at bulk pricing (500 lbs min)

Grains                                                     Non-GMO Corn

Non-GMO Cracked Corn

Non-GMO Oats

Non-GMO Wheat

Non-GMO Soybean meal