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the Crew


Greenhouse Goddess Cassie knows her plants.  She has been gardening for years and maintains a huge veggie garden.  She has experience with fertilizers, fungicides and insecticides.  If you are having issues with your plants, Cassie can point you in the right direction for solutions.

Cassie also raises chickens and can help answer all your poultry questions based on her experiences.


Gayle has been riding and showing horses for 50 consecutive years and is currently the President of the Half Arabian Association of Michigan.  She is a licensed Horse Show Judge and travels all over Michigan judging 4H youth and open shows. With a passion for Australian Shepards, Gayle has trained 8 of these amazingly smart dogs to compete in dog agility.  Dogs and Horses are her specialty.


Laura grew up on a farm where she helped raise animals and grow cash crops.  Her current passion is horses and she works tirelesly training and showing client's animals for dressage competitions.

She has years of experience as a small animal vet tech and does a lot of pet/farm sitting on the side.

Horses, dogs and cats are her speciality.


Growing up in Iowa on a beef farm, cattle became an important part of Dan's life.  He runs a purebred Angus cow and calf operation and competes in State and National shows. He travels all over Michigan to judge Beef shows.

Dan spent a good part of his career working for Crop Production Services and can answer many field crop and feritlizer questions. 

Field crops and Beef are his specialties.


Kelly was the herd manager at Zingerman's Cornman Farms, where she ran a goat dairy as well as managed the care for cows, hogs, sheep and chickens. She was also involved in the vegetable operation from planting to harvesting.

Goats, Chickens and Gardening are her specialties.


Batchmaster and resident artist, Aaron keeps the mill running day to day.  He creates the chalkboard art and musings that hang on the mill door.

He first worked at the mill in his early 20's and then returned to help out when his sister bought the business.


Trevor has worked on and off at the mill for 9 years.  He currently attends Northern Michigan University and is majoring in Wildlife Management.  He is also a proud member of the United States Marine Corps Reserves.

He raises chickens and bees.


Mary started working at the mill when she was sixteen years old. She is now 18 and will be heading off to Michigan Tech in the fall to major in Bio.

Mary lives on a farm that raises sheep, chickens, beef and dairy cows.  She has had a lot of hands on experience with animals AND she is famous for her delicious cheese cakes.


Jon has worked at the mill for 16 years.  He is the self proclaimed best cleaner and helps to keep the mill looking good.  Along with mixing and bagging feed, Jon is in charge of mowing and weed whipping the grounds.  Jon has made a side business of collecting and scrapping metal. 


Laura is a huge dog lover and has spent a lot of time researching dog nutrition for her own pet.  She has a long history in customer service and if a constant source of fun and light heartedness for both the customers and the crew.


Brenda has been around horses her whole life and is a breeder of Fresian horses.  She works part time for a horse vet and has studied a lot about both dog and horse nutrition.

Horses and Dogs are her specialty.


Keri has been working at the mill on and off since she was 18 years old. She learned the business from the ground up and in 2015 she bought the mill from the Cares. She is the go-to person for questions about field crops, animal feed, fertilizers, lawn & garden and pet food.

Her specialties are......everything.  


Leo came to work at the mill in 2010, when he needed a home and the mill needed a store cat.  Leo's specialties include sleeping, mousing, lounging on the counter, following customers around the store and providing constant amusement for both customers and staff.