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Buying in Batches

If you find yourself buying 10 bags or more of grain at a time you might want to consider ordering batches to save money.  Batches start at a minimum of 500 lbs with larger quantites available.  Custom batch recipes can be created to meet the specific needs of your animals.  You determine the amount of corn, molasses and oats, etc. that gets put into the feed or you can rely on one of our tried and true recipes.

As an example;

Non GMO Layer

Price per bag: $16.95*

10 bags: $169.50*

500 lb Batch: $154.34*

It is important to consider feed storage when deciding on batch ordering.  Feed has a shelf life and must be used within a reasonable time frame to avoid spoilage.  It is recommended that mixed feed be used within 30 days of purchase.

Grain bags should always be stored inside, in dry conditions.  The bags are not rain proof and have spoiled when the strip that closes the bag has gotten wet and drawn moisture into the bag.

Batch orders that are called in before 11am (Monday-Friday) will be ready for pick up the following day.  We are not able to create batches on Saturday. 

Please call us at 734-426-4621 to see if batch ordering is right for you.

*Prices subject to change due to market fluctuations.